I really don’t get it, when I got Loud Shirts by Chay Snowdon described as an indie pop/rock tune, and I don’t agree at all, it’s like a pure rock’n’roll hit!

The English Indie four-piece group is getting ready for their debut 2021 which was recorded at Cornwall’s Sawmill Studios and produced by John Cornfield (Muse, Supergrass, Razorlight). The band were right when they mentioned “It has become ‘one of those songs’ that our regular gig-goers all know and anticipate in our sets, it has most definitely been a tune that has been gagging for a release.” – the band stated. Definitely, IT IS! Imagine such a vintage melodic guitar riff with powerful vocals from the 70s blended with a tight drum/basslines… Perfect, right?

The track has an interesting topic as well which is “centred around one of the bands greatest passions in life, which is of course … the loudest shirts on the market! Most mates would rip into each other if your shirt was a bit out there. However, it’s the complete opposite here … if your shirt is a bit bland, you’ll certainly know about it.” – Chay Snowdon explained.