In 2018, Bushwick Blooze Band was formed when Chas Rio (bass) recruited Brother Dave – a consummate and seasoned bluesman – on guitars and vocals to create a blues and rock band for both covers of traditional blues tunes and for new material. Later, they added David Cornejo on drums the band was up and running, and released their first album “Cryin’ for the L Train” in the Fall of 2018. That quickly led to the composition of new songs in both the traditional blues form as well as new blues-rock structures. The band has been back in the studio working on originals which range from hard-hitting blues-rock tunes to jazz-influenced love songs. They perform regularly in the NYC area.


I believe that ‘Lonely and Blue’ is swimming in an ocean of melodies and harmonies. The song kicks with a strong guitar soloing leading to emotive vocals, although, the lyrics are the standard same story of love and loss, the vocal style is pretty amazing especially when you feel the guitar company with sweet chili licks! In addition, the song provides a nice mix of standard bluesy-feel with modern rock elements. Frankly, words would never describe its beauty, just feel the vibes below, and enjoy!


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