“This is a short bio, briefly mentioning coffee and dogs. By following me, you agree that racism is bullshit and must come to an end.” – this is how HD Bradley described his art on his social accounts. ‘Little Secret’ is his latest single which is “a little love song that gradually snowballed into something else.”HD Bradley stated.

Have you ever felt before that you were overacting on things that shouldn’t be taking that much attention? Well, if you didn’t, I did….a lot! Actually, Little Secret is a good example to describe this issue through a beautifully made indie-folk tune presented by emotive vocals. There’s nothing much with music, but I love it really, and I love its simplicity as well, and actually, mixing/mastering of the track is amazing indeed which is done excellently by Fedbysound‘s Mark Grider. Ah! I am a guy who goes for solos, and the solo here was very short…still, unique and expressive. Well, if you want to know how he described Litlle Secret, then here you go “I overreact to everything. Seriously, I am literally stitched together by threads of anxiety. “Little Secret” is about trying to find the courage to tell a friend that you’d like to be more than friends, but being so nervous that you imagine the absolute worst outcome, blowing it all out of proportion. I feel that I’ve buried this enough that most people would never find it in the lyrics… I mean, unless they read this.” – HD Bradley explained.