The music is very light and its variations are pretty amazing that shows the musical ability of Ajay of songwriting and singing. Little Boat delivers a well-made diversity of style, so don’t be worry, if you’re into blues, rock’n’roll, psychedelic or even a groovy jazz! You will definitely get your share!

Well, I noticed that I didn’t feel that I am off-mood while listening to this album, but kinda felt his singing isn’t suitable for some songs, maybe it could based on the mixing process which gave me that feeling! However, I enjoyed really his album and believe that he will acclaim other nominations for upcoming releases same as it happened before with the Grammy nomination for ‘Best Rock Song’ in 2016 for ‘Nothing Really Matters

‘Little Boat’ is available now on iTunes, Google Music, Amazon, CDbaby, or Bandcamp.

Mena Ezzat.


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