No doubt the song starts with a catchy melodic riff with a tight structure presented by the rest of the band members, and to complete the picture for you, I will add a special kind of brutal beloved vocals to your ears. It would be hard I guess when you listen to the track and you don’t initiate banging subconsciously! Well, I am kind of a person who gets attracted by the music first and later I check the visuals, and when I checked the music video I was very impressed with the filming and how it served the song perfectly! When you reach the middle of the song you will banging level will speed up again, and reach its limit with the INSANE STRIKING SOLOING! Listen To Yourself was the first single from their latest album “Bridgeburner” you can check it out through here and support the band by checking their stunning MERCH through here.

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Mena Ezzat


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