Today, it is my first experience talking about a songwriter, not a singer or a band, as I used to do. Julie Neal is a songwriter from Columbia, Missouri. She teamed up with the golden throat of the ex-lead vocalist for LA GUNS’ Scott Foster Harris to create the epic hard rock/glam tune, Let’s Love.

For many years she wrote songs but did not take the topic professionally, and in 2018 she decided to take the topic professionally, as she described “I am so glad that I did! I really enjoy the whole process and the thrill of co-writing and co-creating a piece of music.” The last February, she released her mellow tune ‘Rush This Moment‘ with powerful emotive vocals and teamed up with Robin Anderson by releasing the stunning folk tune ‘If Death Gave You Warning‘ back in December 2019. And now with her latest hard rock/glam hit ‘Let’s Love’ with the extraordinary vocalist Scott Foster Harris. It’s been a while since I have heard such astonishing guitar-driven vintage sound with the energetic voice of Scott gives you a rock EARgasm! Let’s Love is one of your nostalgic 80s anthem glam track talking about loving instead of judging “Let’s Love is about moving away from the ancient thinking that has gotten us to this point. It is about loving instead of judging. An anthemic song of hope for a new way. The first verse and chorus came to me one late night in the hot tub. I immediately heard all the drums in the chorus and melodies. My producer, Ryan (Fiverr) executed the music perfectly. I then approached Scott Foster Harris through and his voice was the perfect fit.” – Julie Neal stated. Feel the vibes below!

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