The secret that is inside you, some may know it and others do not know anything about it, sounds normal, right? Well, what is the effect of that on you? I think we all thought of such a topic, frankly, it was a unique experience from The Spider Accomplice through their latest single, Keep.

First, we should clarify that we are talking about the LAMC’s most awarded band in history as they racked up 12 LA Music Critics’ Awards over the last 4 years! Impressive number indeed, and I believe this LA-based duo deserves it. “the song is about secrets- some die with you, while some live on to kill in the ones who still keep them.” – the duo explained. This is how they described the track but what I really love about it, the vocals, guitars lines and tight drumline.  What is really impressed me is the arrangement, it’s just brilliant! The sound of acoustic riffs and leading to a powerfully driven chorus is stunning and the vocals are one of the most strong emotional alternative voices that I have heard recently.

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