“You live a double life, so tell us how you switch, karma’s such a bitch, you know it’s gonna find you” these incredible lines by the upcoming Guns N’ Roses of our modern era, Sonic Fuel.

2019 witnessed the birth of this talented act based in Knoxville, TN USA, by David Hales (Lyricist/Guitarist/Vocalist). ‘Karma’ is the band third release and they define their style as mainstream rock. While listening to the track you can find all the energy that you are seeking in your beloved hard rock style. The band’s music and lyrics are intensely emotional with musings on love, loss, angst, perseverance, and injustice. Also, their style reminds me of one of the veteran heavy metal group Winger, especially their 2009 album, Karma. Although, Sonic Fuel‘s old-school influences are pretty obvious still it pours originally with every single note. I can’t wait to watch ‘Karma’ official music video on Nobver 23rd. Mark your calendar, guys! And feel the vibes below.

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