In 80s/90s rock vibes, the American alternative duo Almost Done released their latest track ‘Invincible’ a few days ago.

Back in 1995, Clint Gill and Jeff Hubbell became bandmates and songwriters and formed their band. I was kind of surprised to know that Invincible is their 5th release. Oh! I was wishing to see more tunes for such rockin’ talents. But the good news that they are currently working on their album: “a conversation between the two band members in 2018 has set them on the current path with the soon to be released album Clone to the System. Clint and Jeff after many years of playing the duo decided to go back to their roots and produce a true rock album.”

When I listened to ‘Invincible’ I fell in love with all the riffs and the brilliance of the music theme that music delivered with a nice blend of alternative, the 80s, and the 90s rock. Get to know more about the duo through their website,