Franciscan Honey has described it as a secluded recording project – not quite a solo project, not quite a band. Such an interesting bio made me more curious to listen to his latest single ‘A Dream That Ends With Static’ which is characterized by very powerful, catchy, and energetic riffs combined with vintage vocals style delivering a marvellous output. The single off the band upcoming album Golden which set to be released on October 1, 2021. “Fluctuating between heavy and driving, the song relives a memory in the same up-and-down fashion as it had occurred.”Franciscan Honey explained.

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Ceiling Demons is an alternative art-rap band from the UK known for blending a lot of musical elements within their music. In my opinion, “Silver Birch” provides an original rock sound this year that I didn’t catch from many this year. The vocals are pretty unique indeed and for sure the catchy rhythm will easily catch your ears. The track features Zarahruth, and the song is taken from their forthcoming album Snakes & Ladders. Although it’s one of the shortest tracks that I have listened to recently, I was really amazed by the variety of the structure and how the sequence went very smoothly indeed. Well done, guys! Don’t miss their socials below!

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“It’s indie rock’n’roll. But I’d like to believe it’s different to anything else out there right now.” These are the words of Lloyd Lock, guitarist for Novacain. Frankly, he is totally right, I have never heard such original and modern sound in the past couple of years indeed. ‘Shine On Me’ has a lot of energetic vibes that easily will let you fall in love with it. The track is their fourth release since their formation last year, and I was really impressed by such professional output. It’s something that you don’t find every day, right? If I will rate this song, I’d give it 10/10, since you find a catchy melody, harmony, tight rhythm, and glamourous mix, what do you want more?! Feel the vibes through their socials below!

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Mena Ezzat


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