Founded in 2012, Croatian melodic metal group Manntra released a music video entitled “In the Shadows” last April. Manntra is a celebrated name in the Croatian metal scene, in addition, the band gains wide popularity in Europe.

Human suffering, dignity, conflicts, and searching for a home are the main concepts of “In the Shadows.” The music video carries a lot of those signs such as the stormy sea, the waves, the ghosts of the sea, and ropes. This sense of conflict is also well represented in the highly melodic harmony between guitars and bass, the sound of the bass is obvious and easily caught through the track.

The harmony between the lead vocals and the backing ones creates a more vivid energetic sound for the music. Also, the performance of the band members during the music video expresses the essence of human conflict. In general, the music video is beautifully directed and performed in a way that is suitable for the mood of the music, so make sure to check it.