As a start, you should know that this phenomenal blues artist who was born and raised in Chicago, is the youngest son of the blues master Lonnie Brooks, so now you have got the picture of which high-profile artist are we talking about! ‘If These Walls Could Talk’ discuss the impact of negative relationship and its effect on Wayne’s life at the time. Brooks collaborated with Bruce McCabe while working on the lyrics to present the idea of the track and back to the negative relationship that we all have faced someday, and while he was in such a situation, he met another woman who was in a very similar situation – and they soon fell in love, finding the true love that they had been searching for.

The music reflects on the lyrics perfectly! When you listen to ‘If These Walls Could Talk’ you will easily get the feeling of the golden soul, R&B era with clean power, and emotive vocals combined with an impressive bluesy atmosphere. In fact, he perfected the sound, thanks to famed pop/R&B musicians Ethan Farmer (Lionel Richie, Janet Jackson) and Rob Lewis (Christina Aguilera, Diddy, New Kids On The Block) who produced the track. I should point at the solo, well, check it out yourself on Feb the 12th, and tell me about your goosebumps! I was just swinging while listening to it indeed. With over 10 play repeats, defiantly it deserves 10 out of 10! I considered the best soul/R&b single that Rock Era received so far in 2021. Thank you, Wayne!

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