Eleandre is the solo musical project by Ludovic Coutinho, a French artist living on Reunion Island. He dedicated this project to his daughters: Eleanore & Cassandre. Today, he released his latest single ‘I Want To Go To Hell.’ Let’s dig more…

‘I Want To Go To Hell’ is a very interesting track, it’s highly inspired by the iconic industrial metaller, Marilyn Manson but also you can find few other inspirations like Nine Inch Nails and Depeche Mode. For sure; I’d like to mention the elements and instrumentation that have been used in the album were extremely brilliant and stunning.

Lyrically, the track has an interesting theme: “This song deals with the veracity of hell and the fact that paradise can be considered a creation. The chorus I WANT TO GO TO HELL expresses the will for those who listen to it to expel their own desires to go deep into this II is offered to them while being in a rebellious state. By expressing himself this way he wants to check if everyone will still shine there. Because everything is based on the concept of good and evil. This song implies that the listener feels aversion. The bridge in the middle of the song adds a certain doubt necessary to any religion with the words “heaven is a creation”. This piece is a mirror of any relationship with the opposite sex, with forgiveness and also deals with the psychological limit of making a pact with the devil.” – he explained.

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