As the cover and the cover of the EP depict, the theme of sailing and facing the sea is the center of the release. I remember in our World Literature lectures, there is always talk about the beauty and the challenges of leaving your safe place and face the sea, face your fate, experience a sense of horror, and fight against the surroundings, in other words, the man writes his story of survival! The mother of the sailing stories is Homer’s Odyssey.

I like how “I Sail” portrays this idea. The track opens with calm ambient sounds like the gentle touches of salty water on your hands or your boat, the sound of your breaths reflected in whispering screams and energetic drum beats. Shortly, the whole mood of the music is shifted to a more powerful, enraged mood, angry melodies, fighting screams, running rhythms pushing the adrenaline in your body. This expresses the sense of fight I mentioned above! There are various shifts of the track’s tempo which enhance the mood of struggling against the sea, against your inner demon! It is really dramatic. Actually listening to the song is driving me to check the EP to see how the rest of the story is narrated in the form of outstanding riffs and distinctive sounds.


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