The New Zealander rock artist Merv Pinny released his latest music video “I” today.

Pinny has been praised by music reviewer to bring the meaning back in to rock music with his powerful voice and emotional live performances.

As the song theme is very interesting because it reflects our life these days during the lockdown but his message through “I” is “to captures the joy we have all felt through reconnection after lockdown” and I believe he achieved with love, passion and concern. Frankly, the music video filming perspective made me happy. Even if, I am one of those who behind the screens right now, but I felt it, and I love it. Thank you, Pinny!

The song takes you in a journey with its melodic bluesy groovy crunchy guitar tone accompanied by an energetic voice. I would prefer to state the song description as he wrote it because I would love if we all get the message:

“In this new track, Pinny’s catchy groove and soulful voice capture the mood shared by thousands around the world as they put the 2020 lockdown behind them.

“I” will be released on May 29th With the help of actors from local theatre and drama company Stage Door and filmed in Pinny’s hometown of Kerikeri in New Zealand, a music video for this release has been created.

With many restrictions, no money, but plenty of time, it was made for the love of art and keeping art alive. The video will make you smile from the opening line as it makes fun of the situation which has seen many of us spend all day in our favourite pyjamas, to then picking up the pieces of our lives as we head out into the big wide world without looking too crazy.

New Zealand has lead the world in Covid19 recovery, but we have all felt a bit stir crazy while in the total lockdown.

This our little bit of madness…

from Kerikeri, New Zealand” 

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