Hailing from Finland to the young dude Miika Arvola the mastermind of Soal. In less than two years, I was able to release three characteristic singles and they are ‘Illusory,’ ‘Reminiscence,’ and ‘Hue’ – which is our main focus today.

While you are listening to the track you will kinda feel that you’re on a journey of notes, or like on an ocean full of wavy tones. I loved his sense really and how his riffs shift smoothly from one to another, also, I loved his down-tuned guitar riffs which in my opinion gives a rich for the music itself. Nowadays, people get bored easily when they listen to instrumentals, and seriously I feel it so ridiculous because in my opinion what makes the meaning of the word, is the music itself. I believe that Hue was capable enough to deliver melancholy in a marvelous atmosphere “since the music is instrumental it’s very much up to the listener to really think what it tells. The pieces of the song came together pretty fast although it combines so many different elements. I guess the song mixes up a lot of my musical influences in one while still sounding like me, or that’s what I’m trying to achieve at least. To me ‘Hue’ has a certain atmosphere that I can’t describe in words specifically but I guess someone could easily disagree with me since not a single person thinks of music the same way right? It’s open to interpretation. 🙂 I think the artwork and track title compliment the music in a perfect way and I’m very happy how everything turned out.” – Miika Arvola explained.


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