Heading to the far east and listening to the Australian version of Led Zeppelin! Yeah! This is what I felt while listening to Car Park Social‘s ‘Here Come The Kids’, out January 28th, the second release from their debut self-titled EP set for release February 20th.

You know when a melody sticks into your ears and can’t quit! ‘Here Come The Kids’ is one of those tunes that easily provoked your ears and let you sing along even. The song is like a merge of a bluesy/classic rock rhythm over a modern alternative flavour presented through perfectly-made emotive vocals “I recorded a rough demo for the guys, and they were digging it, but then COVID hit hard. It wasn’t until well later in the year when we started jamming together again, that we pulled the song together” explains lead guitarist Paul Ricciardo. Yeah! Based on Ricciardo’s statement, when I checked the track the melody easily let me feel the extraordinaire rock vibes, also, I love the band tightness which is very obvious while checking it out the four-piece started to work on Ricciardo’s demo and each added his magical touch. Although the lyrics are addressing the economic situation Australia found itself in and how current policy and actions will impact future generations – which happened elsewhere – Seinor (the lyricist ) stated “I wrote the lyrics for the song during the time when the Australian government was devising methods to kick-start the economy after COVID-19 had shut everything down. After the devastating Australian bushfires of the 2019-2020 summer, and the promised ‘shift’ towards renewable energy sources, the initial suggestions to fire up the economy ironically all involved gas exploration and infrastructure.”

To sum up, if you’re missing the sound of Cream, Led Zeppelin, and Tame Impala with a modern touch then don’t miss checking Car Park Social‘s music through all available links below. Hey! Don’t miss the solo and the outro!

PRE-SAVE: Here Come The Kids