American Indie/Rock Artist Saiah has released a new impressive track entitled “Heart (Break)”. It is one of the few tracks that encouraged me to write about it after listening to it immediately, so let’s review the track.

Actually, those days are somehow heavy, every one of us has various fear, maybe want to scream, want to mourn, want to sing sorrowfully and lifting the frozen burden on the chest! Well, Saiah‘s “Heart (Break)” is one of the most amusing tracks that match this mood!

The track starts with very catchy emotional guitar tunes followed by broken and sad singing as if there is a broken-hearted guy who is facing massive sadness, this way of singing engages you to the mood as if you are really broken-hearted as well as Saiah. This calmness shortly turns to be massive rage through screaming as if you are standing in the heart of a cave and declaring your pain openly! Just listening to “Heart Break, I Am FALLING!!!”, it is outstanding performance! The track looks technically simple but it is so deep! Make sure to listen to it through below.