The Mexican-American artist from Texas Alex O’aiza released his latest single today Hazy via Saint In The City Records. Let’s know more about this fast-rising indie rocker below.

O’aiza’s music acclaimed by fans and critics alike. When I checked the track, I fell in love with all the harmonies and melodies immediately. What marks the music is a “beachy and melancholy Hazy blends RnB beats and slick pop-rock riffs with a radio-ready chorus hook” which is totally brilliant blend indeed, especially when you listen to the chorus, you will definitely feel the beach vibes!

Usually, he prefers the genres blending with beats, and this is was even obvious with his previous hit ‘Out of My Mind‘ which gives an alternative pop-rock mood, the same with actually with ‘Hazy’ which includes: “mixes snappy pop melodies with gritty rock riffs and the rolling beats of Alternative RnB.”

Alex O’aiza describes his lyrical themes as “are led by poetic lyrics exploring the Gen Z experience, socio-political issues and complex relationships in a fast-changing world.”