Reviewing “Hard Times for the Boogey Man” by The Sewer Buddies is a strange experience for me because it is my first time to review a Punk/Hard Rock track for KIDS! And it is really impressive to see a Punk/Rock Band to address kids! The Sewer Buddies is a rising American Punk/Grunge/ Rock group. It is founded by independent Boston musicians including, Lock Nemesis Monster, Bazooka Blake, Andrew Space Camp and Lindsey Loogie and it offers an alternative to traditional children’s music with comedic lyrics that encourage kids to think for themselves, all set to the lighter side of punk music, creating an entry point into heavy music genres.

I will start with the subject of the track which is encouraging the kids to speak, to ask and to discover the world around them so the band is impressively managed to create a light musical mood, catchy riffs, high harmony between Guitars and Bass, and tuneful drum beats. The General mood of the song is too melodic to catch the ears of the kids and to drive them to dance and interact with the music. I like how the track is influenced by the soundtracks of video games or the games of smartphones that kids have easy access to. Moreover, the cover art of the song takes the form of comic novels and cartoon movies. I like the accuracy the bands follows while performing the track especially the vocals, dramatic vocals take the style of children movies. The experience, in general, is very good and it deserves to be supported.