Sadly, I am not a good follower of the Portuguese rock scene. I was really amazed by Lilith’s Revenge music and the way they presented their visuals as well.

What is really impressive ‘Hand on Heart’ that is their debut single! Can you believe it? A stunning debut from the first shot! Lilith’s Revenge is a five-piece band and they are Paula Teles (vocals), Paulo Silva (guitar), Edu Silva (bass), Bruno Sousa (guitar), and Joe Sousa (drums). These magnificent musicians provided a masterpiece through their first trial, powerful emotive vocals, melodic rhythmic riffs, and tight bass/drum lines, and to add the cherry on top, ideal soloing! “The main purpose of the band is to take a simple, but strong, approach to topics such as gender inequality, violence, depression. But on the other hand, we also intend to show that those who suffer from these problems can overcome themselves. In general, our band wants to create catchy melodies, powerful vocals, and strong riffs. Our first single was produced by Jorge Lopes at the RedBox Studios; it talks about how someone feels when trying to get out of an abusive relationship; “Hand on Heart” is about someone’s struggle against the scars left by their past.” – The describe explained their music and style. Listen to your upcoming metal icons below.