The Goldbricks is a Polish Rock/Indie Band which released the band’s first album “Vandalism” a few days ago. The Goldbricks chose “Grey Sky” from the album to be turned to a music video which we are going to review.”

The title of the song expresses its mood, darkened and bleak mood! The music video revolves around how humans are stuck in the world of lies through media and advertising powers which are capable to change truths. “Grey Sky” is a very experimental music video that’s why it looks technically complicated. It also carries some Gothic aspects like colours and how the animated face displayed. Let’s move to the music itself, the length of the track is almost 5 minutes but we will divide it into 2 parts. The first part which is stretched from the beginning toward the middle of the song, it is a slow tempo part with tuneful guitar Indie Rock sounds and the vocals take very calm approach. Starting from 2:39, the music is taken to another level, more alternative Rock style, heavy distortions and high pitched vocals.

“Help me out, Stop burning bridges in our minds, Help me out or just let me try.” This part is like a dynamic interlude to just move the silent waters then it is back to the first style once again but the high pitched vocals remain. The final 1 minute of the track is almost a combination of both styles with good harmony. The experience is impressive and well-directed.


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