Denmark has been always one of the unique countries with several rock/metal icons. Although, my favorite of all time is the master King Diamond, still, I loved many rock/metal acts as well. Today, I won’t talk about just a new release for a band, nope! We are talking about the birth of rock icons! Let’s find more about Kuko De Kobra‘s latest release below!

“Melody is king and the riff is the crown prince” is the motto of the three talented dudes to create stunning classic rock vibes! GaneShaMan is the third album by the band which features 13 powerful tracks. Well, it’s really hard to find a negative point with this record, you know what it’s like you’re listening to The WhoBon Jovi, and Def Leppard at the same time, can you believe it?! The music flow goes so smoothly, and the harmonic tightness between these guys is incredible really! You won’t feel for a second that is a trio, no, you gonna feel a five or six-piece band! Easily you can find the 70s and 80s influences on their music through a variety of genres like power pop, punk, classic rock, and pop-rock, but what is really impressive is adding the modern spirit through the song’s topics. I always believe that specialization is the best way to success, as each member of the group has taken upon himself a specific job, as John Sharling handled songwriting, vocals, and bass, while Martin J. Andersen with his golden fingers share powerful soulful bluesy-rockish soling, and also Martin Pagaard used his golden fingers on drums but also his mind and soul for arrangement and production.

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