Janis Ian has been and still one of the most influential folk artists since the ’60s until now. Mark Newman pays a Homage tribute by reimagining her hit “From Me To You” from, Between the Lines.

Well, these days I notice that many artists when they cover or pay a tribute they actually destroy the spirit of the track, what I liked about Newman’s version is keeping the original song written by the acoustic atmosphere but used his powerful voice alo0ng with smoothing modern mixing elements. Actually, I put the track on repeat because it was very smooth same as the original indeed. Which is one of the few that we find nowadays, right? Because either you find a cool cover better than the original, or a cover that has nothing to do with the original, but I loved his balanced version, especially the slide solo was really impressive and suits the atmosphere of the track perfectly.

Recently, Mark’s distribution company WBA Records secured him a spot on Janis Ian’s “Better Times Project” (based on her song of the same name, written during the pandemic and released earlier this year) which is designed to help artists who have been hurt financially during the pandemic. This initiative encourages artists to submit their versions of her song and then asks that listeners support the artists’ versions. She has posted more than 150 videos so far from a wide variety of diverse artists, breaking all genre and international boundaries.

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