The German music scene will remain to surprise us every year! Thvnderkvlt is a one-man project by Jan, drummer of the band “KVINNA,” who used the lockdown period to create his debut melodic/power masterpiece, Chronicles of Asterius.

Let’s get back to the formation story, during the COVID19 lockdown back in March 2020. Jan, drummer of the band “KVINNA”, had the idea of creating music to help a small festival in Germany, which has been affected by the lockdown – Hoflärm Open Air, Marienthal. In Julian Rocco Lepore, drummer of the band “Vvlva”, Jan found the greatest of all producers to record his ideas with. Together they built up a concept EP, which tells the story of an ancient hero.

Despite never having played a single show so far, Jan, with the help of many music lovers, brought up a successful crowdfunding campaign to support the Hoflärm Open Air. The physical version of his EP “Chronicles of Asterius” could be pressed and released on the 16th of October and with every sold record, he is able to support the festival.

When you check ‘From Battle to Fortune’ which taken from his debut album, Chronicles of Asterius, well, how can I say it; okay, when you listen to a metal band from the US, UK or Germany, most of the time you can recognize the band influences and roots based on their music elements and themes when I checked Jan’s Thvnderkvlt music you gonna feel it’s a GREAT mix of the American, British, and German metal styles all in one! Jan describes his music as a mix of Danzig, Manowar, Iron Maiden, and Hällas, actually, it’s more than this. Also, I’d love to mention how he is keen for every element he added on this track, started with a well-made sound design to give you the ancient battle theme, leading to melodic riffs with one of the missed voices of 80s raw-vocal styles. In addition, he wanted his visuals to represent his music perfectly so that he delivered such artistic lyric video below. Listen/watch ‘From Battle to Fortune’ below and order the album now through HERE and help artists and festival organizers to save the music scene!

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