Two days ago, the rock ballad queen Becca Todd released his latest single ‘For The Last Time’ which features melodious emotional atmosphere as most of her other compositions.

Mainly, her songs are piano-based, with an experimental music theme. ‘For The Last Time’ is a melodic rock ballad presenting perfectly with her emotive vocals. The piano, lyrics, and the emotional voice made a great structure for the track, with an unexpected heavy rock guitar solo at the end of the track, although, I didn’t enjoy the guitar effect/tone that much, as I feel it’s not fitting, still the solo is very nice, to the point, and touching. When you listen to the words carefully you can find that it’s a topic that we all have faced someday “a song about the anticipation of saying goodbye to an impossible-to-fulfil love.” – Becca explained.

Becca is planning to release a heavier music project under the name Kitsune Undertow, certainly, this is something that I will be waiting for. Check out her song below and don’t miss checking other interesting songs on Spotify.

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