“You tried to test my faith, but all you did was take away my dignity.” these powerful words are taken from Crawford Mack‘s latest single ‘Firing Squad’ which set to be released today.

In my opinion, ‘Firing Squad’ is one of the best dine tunes that I have heard so far in 2020! Starting with his emotive vocals that actually go easily into your ears reaching your soul! What really impressed me his choice of words, oh! Really amazing…

“You tried to test my faith, but all you did was take away my dignity.

Aimed between the eyes, blew away my childhood memories.

Every time you twist the knife I’ll play on your mind.”

I have seen a lot of artists who are keen on their lyrical themes, or the topic mainly but when they go lyrical, it doesn’t kinda fit ! Here, it’s totally different because the singing technique with words gives you a complete picture of the track. When you listen to ‘Firing Squad’ you will find a mix of a lot of inspirations indeed like Radiohead, Elbow, dEUS, Jeff Buckley, Scott Matthews, Sting, and Father John Misty. The song is a part of his upcoming album ‘Bread & Circuses’ and I am definitely waiting for it! Give it a listen below and let me know what do you think.