Soaring vocals and crushing rhythms, combined with a polished highly energetic atmosphere by Layaway are taking the alternative Scottish music scene to the next level!

Finite is the latest single by the incredible Scottish band Layaway which is about as “about personal struggles and family ties.” – the band stated. The talented four members (Stewart Matheson, Rob Lees, Euan Wilkie and Fraser MacDonald) are delivering a unique alternative sound that I have heard for quite some time, it’s like the original 90’s alternative sound blended with unique nowadays rock elements. The gained their experience and strong reputation through their local scene and headlining Glasgow’s own King Tuts and touring the UK over the last few years.

Finite is a very emotive tune and the I love the guitar tones very much and it’s pretty obvious while listening to the track how its tight and full of harmonies. “The song offers the listener a sense of connection and self-reflection that nothing lasts forever no matter how hard. There’s always a way forward.” – the band explained.