For sure, Estella Dawn is one of my favourite pop artists this year! This incredible talent of New Zealand born, Colorado-based singer-songwriter recently released her 10th single of 2020, Fiery B.

Frankly, I am impressed with Estella’s passion and dedication for her recordings, songwriting, and music structure. The first time I’ve checked her music was through her 6th track ‘I Dare You,’ but also, I was stunned by her unique style on other tracks so I have featured her on The Latest Indie Poppers! and one of Rock Era Weekly Playlist – August 21st.

‘Fiery B’ is a catchy tune, easily you get the vibes and the powerful vocals will catch your ears from the first verse. Although, I cannot consider myself as a good pop music critic (based on my rock music preference) still Estella is very keen for her lyrical themes and this is kind of rare to find through pop tunes really, well, check the trending yourself and you will find the cliché topics! Here our talented singer gives a warning: “In this song, I’m warning a particular person that I’m with that if they do me wrong I have no control over the fiery and irrational brunette that will come out to punish them.” – Estella explained.

“Well, it’s about the people who are having a “split personality” where you are normally easy going and agreeable but then something, or someone, triggers you past a red line and a different, more confrontational, side of you comes out that others have not witnessed.” – She continued. Well, these words what I really feel right now for some people. Watch the fiery below!



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