Are you missing the original glam/pop-rock tunes of Def Leppard and Bon Jovi? Then don’t worry, you will find it in Deeder‘s record latest rock anthem, Feeling Fine.

Deeder is an independent Swedish singer-songwriter, who record, mix, and master from his home studio bringing some pop-rock tunes that influenced by different styles. His songwriting technique is all the questions and thoughts in his head, resulting in all kinds of feelings, from despair to hope. “I to create music that represents life.” – Deeder explained.

“Feeling Fine” is all that you need to recharge your energy for the day! Harmonies and melodies are pretty obvious and they suit the singing technique really so much. In addition, the guitar effects are well chosen really. It’s obvious the tightness between the bass and drums here, and when you reach the solo it will complete your missing glam picture since the 80s! I’d rate it 8 out 10, and I will be waiting for his next releases, unquestionably. Take your dose of this rock anthem through here.