Last July, I featured Global Plague‘s debut single “Parasitic” on Rock Era‘s playlist The Headbangers Riffs after it caught my ears with its unique catchy heavy melodic riffs and powerful strong vocal techniques. Today, I am gonna dig deeper into their second single Fear in Power. Let’s feel the blast below!

Global Plague hits again with another melodic single Fear in Power. The band’s direction on this song is purely political, but also, human. “Fear in Power documents the horrors of government corruption, war, brainwashing, and genocide. The seamless shifting from heavy instrumentals and screaming vocals to clean guitars and singing helps illustrate the drastic nature of how quickly things can go from chaotic to calm and vice versa when living in a place that has political turmoil.” – the band explained. The idea of the music video is very nice indeed, although it’s pretty simple based on war-documented scenes still it shows the idea of the track perfectly. Bram Epstein (vocals, guitar, and bass) provided a strong brutal vocal style, plus the incredible guest melodic clean voice of Luke Mellinger which helped the track theme very well. In addition, the drumming style of Jackson Ward along with the charming soloing of John Souki is like listening to all of your beloved iconic progressive/power metal act in one song.