Kristin Hope Key is an indie-pop solo artist from the United States. The song that I am gonna talk about today is “Faithfully Mine” which has been released on January 7th.

Kristin Hope Key is an up and coming recording and performing artist from just outside of Nashville. At a young age, Kristin began to express herself through writing poetry and playing the piano. As she grew up, this talent advanced into writing lyrics and creating melodies. She has a variety of influences but mainly by The Rolling Stones, The Eagles and Tom Petty, Kristin found her own sound leaning towards rock and roll.

When you check her SoundCloud channel you will find three other tracks: “I Guess It’s Me,” “Here to Be Entertained,” and a Christian song entitled “Nothing But the Blood of Jesus”  with piano. When you listen to “Faithfully Mine” and the other tracks too, you will find that each tune isn’t similar to the other, and this is really smart and unite thing. I like so much the overdriven guitar with her strong voice accompanied by a nicely made simple melody. Frankly, I don’t see any negative point with the song, just one thing, I didn’t like the second vocal line at the end of the track, also, the drumline was just basic, I believe it needed a stronger one that suits her stunning vocal style, well, as we all know music is a different taste from someone to another. So it’s just an opinion, anyhow, I would rate it 8.50 out 10! And for sure, I would be waiting for her next releases.