The Histrionics are an interesting rock trio consists of Quinton Byrd, Rylan Lamb, and Phoenix Hardy. Earlier this month they released their latest single ‘Exorcism.’ Let’s find out more below!

I will start with what the band did say about it: “Exorcism is a song about fighting back against a world that only seems to want you to fail, and catapulting yourself into success, but doing so in a predatory way that will create more despair for others around you. Throughout the song, the main character of our album describes what he is willing to sacrifice in order to achieve recognition and success. He will sacrifice the life of others as well as his own humanity in order to escape the conditions of the world he lives in.”

Well, I believe they were able to deliver this message perfectly! Frankly, I was having about 3 minutes of EARgasm! This modern ’60s sounds trio was capable to give all that you need through a complete song! Yes, I mean it indeed. What I really like about them you will find that you’re listening to classic icons like The Doors blended with the unique alternative grunge sound of Nirvana at the same time. Also, the artwork is pretty depressing and I think it was one of my main factors to love this track. Check it out below and let me know what do you think.

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