Independent American musician and artist Chaz Cardigan has released a new single entitled“Everything’s Wrong”. Cardigan is playing various musical moods such as indie rock, indie electro, alternative, and pop-rock. According to the artist “Everything’s Wrong’ is about not letting a breakdown keep you broken down. There’s liberation in feeling low because things can only get better.

“Everything’s Wrong” starts with beautiful ambient keys sounds followed by rhythmic percussions. The first part of the music is more into hip-hop style then it’s shifted to be more into pop-rock. There is a variety of moods in the track between pop, hip-hop, and rock, so there is the concept of breaking the circularity and repeated events in life. Cardigan’s feeling of brokenness and will to re-organize his life once again is well-reflected. The track is not so melancholic but it is full of ups and downs, full of keys tunes, guitar rhythms, and melodic vocals pitches.