Last of the Daggers is an alternative metal group from South Durban, South Africa. Today, I will discuss their single ‘Eraser’ from their debut EP, Bills to Play.

In mid-2019, these talented musicians brought together out of chance and determination not to give up on the band scene. A brief encounter over growling riffs, chugging bass-lines, and no holds barred drumming, packed into a small dimly-lit garage cemented their dynamic, and Last of the Daggers was born. As they describe, things moved swiftly after that, with the band self-recording and producing their debut EP earlier this year”


The song was inspired by the death of the American young man Conrad Roy. According to Wikipedia: He committed suicide at the age of 18. His girlfriend, then 17-year-old Michelle Carter, was accused of encouraging him in text messages to commit suicide. The case was the subject of a notable investigation and involuntary manslaughter trial in Massachusetts, colloquially known as the “texting suicide case”.  The case raised questions pertaining to the nature and limits of criminal responsibility. Judge Moniz inferred that Carter wanted Roy dead and that her words coerced him to kill himself, a position that has been subject to some criticism. Carter was convicted by the judge of involuntary manslaughter, chiefly on the basis of her final phone call in which she ordered Roy after he had become scared, to go back inside his truck as it filled with lethal carbon monoxide.

Musically, the band was correct when they described the track as “a blend of all our musical influences into one song” the singing style reminds me of the iconic voice of Chuck Schuldiner and the guitar riffs recall several heavy/thrash acts like Pantera and Death among many others. The lyrics are very powerful and pictured the concept of the song perfectly, it includes many powerful lines and one of my favorites is:

Type away your rights
Backspace your life yeah
Type away your life
Eraser, And I can tell, you are the right scene.
Yeah and I can tell, you are the right scene.

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