American one-man indie electro/classic rock band Kowloon released a new single “English Morning.” Kowloon’s last two singles, “Wake Up” and “Paradise” have both received airplay on NPR. Both tracks have received heavy play from KCRW’s Raul Campos, and “”Wake Up”” was recently added to Apple Music’s Comfort Zone playlist.

The first look at the cover, you will have a clear image of the track’s theme. It talks about the earliest moments in the day when your new-born hopes combined with the late-night failures, so, there is a sense of morning music melodies represented in the musical mood of coffee places, fresh guitar tunes with vivid tuneful keys. There is an impressive fusion between keys and flute that represents the mixed feelings of ambition and sorrow, the intermingling emotions between discovering the world and exploring the meaning of life. The vocals also did nice work in introducing the confusion the human has in his early days, this pitch of sleepy emotional pitch with a sense of freshness of the sun. In general, the “English Morning” is so expressive track reflecting a sensitive humanitarian social theme