When you hear the name of Norway, Black Metal is the first thing that comes to your mind due to its celebrated controversial history with Black Metal! What if I told you Heavy Metal from Norway, the name of Wail may come to your mind! Wail is aiming to give the Norwegian Metal scene a classic Heavy sound influenced by Iron Maiden. Wail has gained popularity through the band’s outstanding and energetic live performance. Early this month, the band released a new lyric video called “Endless Repetition” which we are going to review below.

With angry melodic tunes kicks off the track with performance close to Iron Maiden‘s one. There is an obvious sense of anger, power, and harmony. The mixture of sounds is catching the ears. It is like digging deep in your frozen mind and turns it to heat. The theme of the song revolves around feelings such as repetition as the process of gas creation under the ice, so there is a distinctive mood of being bored, angry, rebellion against this endless circle. Actually, I like how the band manages to compose classic-like music, it so catchy, tuneful. Moreover, the music is so dynamic so you will be easily caught by its riffs and energetic solos. Actually, I liked the band’s old-school music direction and it is really great to see unfamiliar Norweigen Metal style, away Melodic Death and Black Metal!