New York-based singer, songwriter, and musician Ryan Rickenbach released a new music video, “Emily.” The track is the third release from Rickenbach’s upcoming full-length album.

The music video is a somehow mysterious one, it carries a certain puzzle between the characters! A girl walking near the beach then witnessed a murder! So, you can experience a sense of fight or escape! And the music somehow expresses this sense through the flowing melodies, the employment of synths, the presence of acoustic tunes! In my opinion, it is not a matter of a girl who witnessed a murder, but it is a matter of a girl who faces a tragic truth of life and how we are as humans, start escaping then adapting! So, the melodic pattern of the song reflects this sense of escaping then adapting. The beauty of the song relies on the beauty of simplicity, the music is catchy and the music video is very colorful so there is no sense of horror but it delivering this harsh situation in a light way.