A complex mix of strong female voice blended with great epic melodic tunes and presented in an extraordinary cinematic atmosphere. This is my bottom line for No Terror in the Bang debut album Eclosion.

13 tracks we capable enough to identify the band’s beauty, tightness, harmony, and epicness! The band include six incredible musicians and they are Sofia Bortoluzzi (Vocals, Lyrics, Composition), Alexis Damien (Composition, Drums, Orchestration), Romain Greffe (Keyss & Piano), Brice Bouchard (Bass & Doublebass), Etienne Cochin (Guitar), Clément Bernard (Guitar). Well, if you can classify the band genre you may say just alternative metal, excuse me, you’re totally wrong. I am kinda feeling that these guys are genre inventors not just following any! For Example, we have heard hundreds of great bands fusing metal with hip-hop singing, but here Sofia created a new school that is using her hip-hop/jazz abilities to create an original metal voice!


Artwork: Louise Dumont

I noticed that the band combined all of their previous experiences into this project. While listening to the album you can find the diversity of genres for example like Alexis Damien’s metal experience, along with Brice Bouchard with classical influences, and add to this Etienne Cochin electro-rock elements. And for Romain Greffe he participated in numerous styles like rock, reggae, metal, progressive, classical, Latin, jazz, hip hop, and folk. And to spice things up for you I will add the bluesy effect by Clément Bernard. Can you see it? This isn’t just another new band in the scene, this is a phenomenal supergroup.

The album lyrics include the same diversity, as it covers perfectly several topics indeed as hope, pain, suffer, threat, liberation, attraction, hallucinations, questioning, the universe, among other issues. The album has been released on March 5 via M & O Music record label and distributed by Season of Mist. The great sound mix and mastering process were by Sébastien Langle and Pierrick Noël. Feel such epicness below!


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