The Gus Glynn Band released their first single ‘Echo The Hollow‘ from the forthcoming album of the same title Echo The Hollow today. Let’s find out more below!

The Gus Glynn Band are an eclectic alternative rock trio brewing heady concoctions of Rock, Blues, Post-Punk and Soul. Their genre surfing sets draw serious music lovers and casual listeners alike with songs of irony and honesty that only the drive and integrity of a watertight trio can deliver in true rock ‘n roll style.

Echo The Hollow‘ contains a powerful political message which targets different political directions, as the band stated: “set the tone of political soundbite campaigning and the global rise of right-wing politics from around 2016. The first verses describe a school shooting scene, and reference attitudes to climate change, written at the time of the Florida school shootings in the US 2018 and the Trump administration’s handling of it, while posturing as sympathetic, and their stance on climate change as a hoax,” When you check the track you will find a stunning guitar rhythm line combined with a power-pop-punk beat, and also, when the vocal starts it gives a complete punk atmosphere. As I said previously the band is working on their album, and definitely I am waiting for it.