According to the band, the theme of the track and the music video is revolving around the struggle of the man against what the others think. There are a lot of symbols in the music video such as the chains, the high water, and the mud. There is an act of fight and conflict which is beautifully reflected in the music video through the performance of the band. While checking the lyrics, the band is making use of an ancient Greek myth related to the sirens, so the employment of the water and fighting it is significant.

Moving to the music, in fact, the track is so melodic and catchy. There is an outstanding combination between the scales of Metalcore and the distinctive sound of Heavy Metal. I liked the work between screaming and clean vocals, the clean parts are done harmoniously and emotionally. The riffs are so powerful, especially the breakdowns enrich the track and catch the ears of the listener driving him to headbang with the track.


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