The Australian rocker Sabrina Lawrie released her latest single earlier this month ‘Dreamstate.’

From the first note and the will caught your ears easily with the overdriven guitar catchy riffs, raw original vocals, and sweet guitar licking. Besides the energetic rock vibes over here, I like the topic indeed, it highlights on how the society look on sex and they don’t the magic behind sexuality, well, Sabrina explained it better than me here “It explores the polarity of masculine and feminine and pays homage to the deeper magic behind sexuality and acknowledges how this most natural of human impulses is a sacred union, attempting to shake the stigma that mainstream society places on sex.” And from this point, she added “We have beaten the odds so far through the power of music, plant medicine and holistic self-care and we are focused on living in each moment as presently as we can, so we are both over the moon to finally be finishing and releasing music and being able to play together on a stage again after such uncertainty. Ben is going to join me on lead guitar for this run of shows to celebrate the release of ‘Dreamstate’,” said Lawrie. Well, enough talking now and don’t waste more time and check out the track below and don’t miss the solo! 😉