I got used getting few progressive and psychedelic tracks on monthly basis, but earlier this month when I received Robert Flynn‘s ‘Night Of The Living Dead‘  I enjoyed the alternative progressive mix and again he with another hit, Dreadlock. So…let’s get back to the ’70s!

Well, if you’re are not familiar with bands Genesis and Yes then you won’t its beauty. Robert is a kind of guys who calls them a computer genies among his literary and artistic talents.  This incredible American artist has been with a powerful impact in Austin and Denver music scenes. Dreadlock is one of the longest intros that I have heard so far in 2021 and it really deserves it! I love the musical journey that the track brings really includes several synth 70’s elements poured with unique rock structure. “This song is about the East Indian “Dreadlock”. The associated hairstyle was part of the culture as well. Lord Shiva was able to overcome any “Dreadlock” which was a glorious challenge that was always overcome due to sheer will.” – Robert explained. Well, it’s really amazing to finally find a 70s progressive rock revival, frankly, I wasn’t that lucky last year to find something close to it. Let’s get nostalgic together…

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