The Canadian classic rock band The League of One released their latest album Dispatch last February via Lil Eve Records and produced by Kyle Bottcher. Over the years the band known by their impressive discography, high energy, big sound and great tunes.

The rock’n’roll trio is doing a great mix of classic rock and traditional metal really, if you are a fan of Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, RUSH, Led Zeppelin, The League of One is a must-have for any classic rock head’s library. Dispatch includes 10 tracks with a cool start by “Wax Museum”, I enjoyed the melody so much, and in opinion this is their best music video too, unlike the music videos of “Antz” and “Working Man’s Band” sadly the poor filming of those tracks effected on the idea and the soul of the music and its deliverance to fans too.

Even though Koolaid and Bug Burgers it’s too long to listen, as these days bands aren’t making 9 minutes long, but it’s an amazing track really, I enjoyed its riffs and Will Maeder singing style. Actually, I am wishing if they consider a music video for this song, that would be marvelous.

The Connoisseur Wow! What a name! The song express a nice concept about life and I like the backing-vocals style which helped the track very well. The lyrics is so powerful indeed, I guess it’s delivers a question that we all thought of;

“Then I, finally can escape what I fear most.
Real life, coupled with a parasitic host.

Hey, wait, please, don’t save me from my hell
I say, No, Oh, please, just cast me down the well

Take me away
Dont you take me away
I’m here to say
Please don’t take me away”

The solo here in this song, is my favorite in the whole album. Will Maeder is a very good guitarist, but few solos I liked really, because with rest I felt he lose the main concept of the solo, but his riffs and soloing in this song are remarkable.

I enjoyed their instrumental style in Six as well as the 12-string-guitar sounding, but for Bic BlisterandDionysus aren’t my style that much, but I didn’t get annoyed while listening.

But now I got it when Taron Cochrane (Taron Cochrane Entertainment) said “The League Of One finds success through evolution” Yea! These guys are one of few these days than can combine classic rock with modern styles perfectly! Get your CD copy now of “Dispatch” now or a digital download.