A new age of pop rock has begun! Since Zaritza released her debut album last year, she got recognized by many critics and wider range of audience. Recently she released for her first music video, “Diseased.”

When you check video you will fond of her talent and singing. It’s obvious that she has a strong musical background, and when you dig into this Russian-born history; you will find a remarkable classical pianist who won numerous regional piano competitions and received awards and a stipend from the government. As a teenager, Zaritza also began to write pop songs and, by the time she was at her university in Russia, she was performing and recording her original music.

“Diseased” music is very amazing and it’s chose very well over her voice. My favorite part really is her dancing over the guitar solo, which Elaina Giumarra helped in choreography. Her sensual moves over the solo which shot with up and coming director Jiwon Choi proves that this female-driven project embodies the power of women and the refusal to settle for less than deserved.

 “Music is my passion … it’s a universal language that connects people and cultures”.

Her self-titled debut album deserves to be the best album at TMRN 2018 RSAA. She also acclaimed as the Best Rock Vocalist Opening for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra on one of their U.S. tour dates. In addition to that sharing the story of her personal and musical journey in a TEDx conference presentation

Well done, Zaritza! Check out “Diseased” now and tell us what do you think, and you can now find her album on Spotify or iTunes.