You may recognize Andy Nagle from the UK group Rewired. After spending 10 years touring with the band he decided to work on his solo career. ‘Discern’ is his debut release, let’s find out more…

The singer-songwriter and guitarist commented that he is so excited about his solo project, and he handles the process from recording to leading to mixing finalizing matters: “My passion lies in Rock music, and always has done. I think its important to produce material that listeners are moved by in some way, emotionally and or physically, I’ve always turned to rock as a vehicle for delivering this experience. Music is also my therapy, its my way of ‘singing my blues away’, so please don’t expect many happen songs from me, that is not the connection I will make with fans on their musical journeys.”


In my opinion, ‘Discern’ is a very unique track indeed. The music is very tight, and Nagle has a powerful rock tone, also, what I really admire is the lyric theme: “The main lyrics in the song is ‘I can’t discern’ – meaning in the current environment marred in COVID & racial injustice, I am finding it hard to distinguish left from right, right from wrong. This song captures my fear, anxiety & anger, the frustration of not being able to discern.” – he explained. Actually, I am not good with words when it comes to lyrics, but I felt it describes what I deeply feel these days. Andy Nagle did a great start for his solo career, his plan for this year includes other two singles and aiming to release his debut full-length by 2021. Check it out below, and let me know what do you think.