Sami Chohfi is an American indie-folk artist who is working on a new Indie Folk/Acoustic album inspired by his travels across six countries. The album is called “”Extraordinary World””. Chohfi released a new music video called “”Dirty Your Soul”” a few days ago.

Think of watching a nice, cheerful music video. The video is really colourful due to its location, India, which is the mother of colours and colours festivals. The music of the video is based on Acoustic guitar playing happily and emotionally. The mood of the song revolves around how the souls of the kids are so innocent and how life turns those innocent gentle souls to darkness! Through the scenes of playing with children, you can experience a sense of grace and joy. The video is so beautiful and it is really natural as it moves real scenes from the streets to the screen. If you want to watch a real eye-candy cheerful video, you need to watch Sami Chohfi‘s “Dirty Your Soul”