If you ask any rock/metal you (that usually hard to please) do you think there will a comeback for the golden 80s/90s hard rock groups? For sure, he will reply negatively but you should first let me listen and watch this ROCKIN’ ‘Dirty Ugly’

When I listen to any new rock track, frankly, I look for the problems first, and such stuff various between vocals, guitars, drums and even mixing or the music video, but I was impressed, I CANNOT FIND ANYTHING INDEED! Yes! The riffs subconsciously let you bang, and the vocalist has got a unique tone, drums and bass and just, OHH! I love it. And if you’d like to complete such picture watch the music video which implemented perfectly by Trevor Jennings, and if you would like to dig deeper with the music production you can find it was made by the stunning producer, Chris Kelly. Watch this ‘Dirty Ugly’ below and don’t miss heading to DoHux.com for Merch, Streaming & More! ENJOY!


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