Baker has such unique influences indeed and they are obvious within his composition. You can find the classic touches of Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, and David Gilmour, plus, the shredding school of Randy Rhoads and Kirk Hammett. This dude isn’t just multi-talented, imagine a 13-years-old kid releasing his first record with his band Sonic Endeavour! Now, let’s discuss more his current project and the real turning point of it, which is the British poetess, Hannah Pearson. Chemistry and harmony are the keys to any success, she is who encouraged him to take his music into the studio. Currently, they have a catalogue of 70+ songs written and ready to share with the world.

“I know you’re using me
Am I just a fantasy?
Lovesickness deep in my bones
Feels like my world is dying
So cherished in the dark
Deleted by the light of day
Killing me
Makes me want to say…”

Can you feel it? The lyrics are just stunning! ‘Dirty Little Secret’ reminds me of the golden glam days of rock, literary it’s like you’re listening to Poison and Def Leppard. The song starts with a kicking melodic riff and Baker’s vocals is so emotive and powerful indeed. And when you hit the middle of the track the solo is really he is talking to you not just playing some notes! Can you imagine such beauty?! Especially, when you hear it after the chorus:

“I won’t be your dirty little secret
For you to pass the time away
Your tainted love, baby you can keep it”

Ah! While listening you should know the story of this Dirty Little Secret: “The song was written when me and my partner first met. She was seeing someone else, and at first, we were just friends so everything was fine. We had so much in common musically and creatively. We began writing together, spent more time talking whenever we could and developed feelings for each other. While she struggled with the decision to leave her relationship, I felt like I was her “dirty little secret” and I did not want to be that. I felt used like I was just a fantasy. I was “cherished” at night when we would spend hours texting and talking, and then the next day it was back to ‘reality’. So, the song is my pleading with her to make a choice, one way or another.” – JJ Baker explained.

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