If you’re looking for a unique mix between rock with the spirit of punk, then you should check Nashville singer-songwriter Adam Foster’s new record “Dirty City.” The album released on Friday, October 4th, 2019 via StereoTrash Records and produced by Randy Ross.

Since 2004 and Adam has released several successful records. Dirty City is featuring ten-tracks influenced by the sound of Bob Dylan, Jack White, and Tom Petty. The album starts with the powerful title track “Dirty City” which features cheerful rock’n’roll riffs and the artist demonstrates what is going on with the city;

“Dirty City, full of headaches.

Dirty City, full of blood.

Dirty City, full of heartbreak.

Dirty City it’s a pity no one burned this town to

the ground a long time ago. A long time ago.”


The solo was really nice, simple and to the point, also, it shows a nice melody, which I found in the rest of the tracks really. When we head to the second track “Hotel Nowhere” the beginning of the song felt that I am gonna listen to Bob Dylan’s Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, it was catchy start indeed. “Next Stop Nevado” isn’t my style that much really, even though the song isn’t my style, but I liked Adam’s singing so much, and even the backing guitar melody, but I admired his vocal techniques more when I heard “Talk To Me (Sarah’s Song)” it’s a really amazing and nice choice for the album shift. Then we get back to the spirit of rock’n’roll again with the “Carolina”; the second verse is talking about me, you, and everyone else, I believe.

“ I want to live a hundred years without a care, without a fear.

Filled with friends without a foe. Couldn’t hurt to have a little bit of dough.”

“Terrible Walls” is one of my favourite tracks on the album really. The song expresses a young girl “raised in the streets, mama was weak. Daddy was gone before she could speak.” the song demonstrates an important social cause in our lives, and wherever you live, it’s in every country on this planet, I guess. Anyhow, Adam was clear in his message, “You’ve heard tales like this before, so you may not care or you may be bored. I ain’t no preacher. I ain’t no saint. One thing I know, though, is a life’s not to waste.” which I totally agree with.

“Pretty Face” takes a slower nicer mode, Adam shows her a smoother singing style. I see the music elements were fitting very well the general mode of the song. “Talina (Broken Ballerina)” is a very nice example of the golden days of rock’n’roll, but for me “Like it Is” was way more satisfying, it shares a nice spirit of blues and rock. The album ends with “Through this Storm” which features a female vocal and I believe it gives a lovely image.

To sum up, if you’re seeking something to make put you in a good mood then I highly suggest recommend Adam Foster’s Dirty City.